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Your one-stop-shop for all your relationship needs

  • Are you Separating and need advice on what to do next?
  • Is your Relationship in trouble?
  • Are you attracting the same type of partner over and over?
  • Are you in a blended family and fighting about each others children?
  • Are you ready to sacrifice time and energy to make your relationship work again?
  • Are you feeling lost and alone?

Mediation may be an option call today to find out if it is right for your situation.
Get the information you need without the high financial and emotional cost.

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At the SDRC, we offer Individual and Couples Counselling. Counselling can clarify problems and help in their resolution in a supportive, respectful and confidential environment. It will offer structure and support for you in a difficult time. You can attend counselling as an individual, couple, or as a family.

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SDRC Associates
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Three Pillars of Operation

Family Mediation: The alternative to litigation. Have you and your spouse decided to separate or divorce?
Let’s Talk ~ We offer both individual and couples counselling
Rebuilding ~ Did you choose the wrong partner? You can gain understanding.

Our Team

The SDRC has retained highly respected and sought after professionals in their areas of expertise.

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Canada’s premiere
Separation & Divorce Center, offering seamless
family-based services with…

Three Distinct Pillars of Operation:

Family Mediation

The alternative to litigation ~ Have you and your spouse decided to separate or divorce? We can help you sort out the practical arrangements that need to be made during this transition.

Let’s Talk ~ Take Initiative

Counselling provides an opportunity to talk with one of our professionally trained staff to identify, understand, and gain new perspective on issues and difficulties that are impacting your life. The SDRC offers both Individual and Couples Counselling.


Did you choose the wrong partner? Use this opportunity to understand who you are and what role you play in your own life. The Rebuilding Relationships seminar will empower you and help you take control of your own life.”

Our Blended Expertise

We really are unique! The SDRC has streamlined our service delivery model to offer you a full spectrum of family-based services under one roof. Family Mediation, Family Legal Services, Individual & Couples Counselling and Financial Planning. Our unique blended service delivery model is one of the attributes that have made the SDRC highly sought after by clients

Our Cohesion

The SDRC does not just work for you. We work with you. Integrated collaboration improves outcomes for you and your family.

Diane Valiquette, Founder, is an advocate in the field of self development. A sought after expert in the area of relationships, she chooses to use her experience to make a profound difference in the lives of others.

Our in-house relationship and money coaching seminars benefit those who are in the process of relationship recovery or individual self-discovery. It will offer you an intimate look into the direction of your relationship choices and why.

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